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Roborace: Past, Present and Future

The much anticipated Roborace’s autonomous design ran for the first time in public at the Paris ePrix in May

The futuristic initiative, which has been running with a development test car (called DevBot) at Formula E races for almost a year, aims to be the first ever driverless racing car series.

Roborace finally pulled the wraps off its first real self-driving race car and there is massive anticipation on what the futuristic robotic racing series will deliver when it comes to race on the same streets where Formula E compete.

The British-based company showed off the prototype Roborace car for the first time ever in public during a press conference at Mobile World Congress at the beginning of the year.

Roborace is designed by Daniel Simon, the man responsible for the light cycles in Tron: Legacy.

“I’ve worked on a lot of cool stuff — Tron, Bugatti, Star Wars — but this takes the cake,” Simon said on stage.

The German has recently also been involved in designing the corporate identity and livery of the ByKolles LMP team.

Each Roborace car weighs 975 kg (2,149 pounds), and is approximately 5 meters long and 2 meters wide.

Roborace uses four 300kW motors, one for each wheel, and the brainchilds behind it state the cars should be able to reach speeds of 200 mph.

It is powered by the Nvidia Drive PX2, which will process information from a special suite of sensors: 5 LIDAR, 2 radar, 18 ultrasonic, 2 optical speed sensors, and 6 cameras.

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