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Roborace, NVIDIA Drive Towards Level 5 Autonomy

Roborace extends its successful collaboration with NVIDIA as it upgrades its Robocars to the new NVIDIA DRIVE Pegasus AI car platform…

Photo: Roborace

Roborace today announced that it will be extending its successful collaboration with NVIDIA as it upgrades its Robocars to the new NVIDIA DRIVE Pegasus AI car platform, which is designed for Level 5 fully self-driving vehicles.

NVIDIA DRIVE is an AI platform that spans from the cloud to the car. DRIVE Pegasus –launched in October 2017 with over 10x the performance capabilities of its predecessor, performing 320 trillion operations per second, the computational capability of a 100-server data centre in the size of a licence plate — will leverage Roborace cars’ current software and substantially extend their capabilities.

NVIDIA has been a key technology provider since Roborace announced the DRIVE PX 2 platform adoption in April 2016 and have helped bring high-speed demonstrations of driverless technology to cities around the world.

In mid-December, Roborace performed a live demonstration using their ‘DevBot’ development cars on the streets of Hong Kong, pitting a human against an AI driver, using the NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2 platform, to see who could complete a lap of the Formula E street circuit the quickest.

“Roborace will enable motorsport to play an increasingly significant role in the development of technologies which will improve driver performance and ultimately save lives on our roads,” said Bryn Balcombe, Chief Strategy Officer, Roborace. “Cognitive power will soon rival horsepower as an automotive performance measure and the NVIDIA DRIVE Pegasus sets a new benchmark which will enable Roborace to extend competitions well beyond the confines of traditional circuit racing.”

“Roborace is pushing the limits of AI technology and delivering autonomous driving experiences that have never been achieved before,” said Danny Shapiro, Senior Director of Automotive, NVIDIA. “The advances made with NVIDIA technology in motorsport will accelerate adoption of autonomous vehicles on public roads, making daily travel safer and more enjoyable.”

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