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Panoz GT-EV “Under Evaluation” for Future Le Mans Garage 56 Entry

Photo: Vision Sport Agency

ACO Sporting Director Vincent Beaumesnil has confirmed that the Panoz GT-EV concept unveiled on Thursday is “under evaluation” for a future Garage 56 entry, but stressed that there is no defined year for it to be on the grid at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Don Panoz announced his intention to request an entry for the fully-electric GT-EV under Garage 56, which was not used this year after WR’s planned Bio-Methane-powered car did not materialize.

While Panoz is aiming to have the GT-EV on the grid for next year, Beaumesnil said that concepts often need time to be properly developed and evaluated, but confirmed that the project is in the mix for Garage 56.

“They are a candidate. The project is under evaluation for the future, for the future, no defined year,” Beaumesnil said.

“These kinds of concepts need time. Generally, people come with the ambition of one year or one specific year and we make the evaluation and then tell you when you can do it.

“There is obviously many safety aspects that need to be evaluated and this takes the longest time for Garage 56. Then we need to make sure. You know that in [the] past we had some projects that were not really fully satisfying for us.”

Beaumesnil did express confidence in Panoz, who previously took the innovative DeltaWing car to Le Mans in 2012 as the inaugural Garage 56 entry.

“We want to bring cars that really confirm strong projects. I know Don when he does something, he does it very well,” he said.

“I’m very happy he is committed to this project. Then we have our evaluation, so there is no commitment on any date. We need some time.”

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