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Electric GT Announces TV Partnership with Mediapro

Mediapro to run TV production and feed distribution of Electric Production Car Series…

Photo: Electric GT

Mediapro Group and Electric GT Holdings have reached an agreement that will see Mediapro undertaking the TV production and feed distribution for the coverage of the Electric Production Car Series.

Mediapro will be in charge of the TV production of all events and will distribute the feed all around the globe.

Twenty drivers will compete in this series, behind the wheel of the Tesla P100D EPCS electric race cars and visit circuits in Europe, USA, and Asia.

Mediapro, a leading group in the European audio-visual sector, will use HD 1080 technology to produce the television feed for the EPCS.

Mediapro has 60 OB units and studios all around the world is the leader in technical, logistic and broadcasting services including satellite TV signal distribution, and is in charge of over 3,500 TV productions per year.

Its portfolio of Live TV coverage of high profile sports competitions includes F1, UEFA Champions League, 13 soccer national leagues all around the world and different events which are part of the FIFA, UEFA, FIBA, OBS, CAF, AFC and other big sports institutions.

“We are thrilled to welcome Mediapro to the Age of Light family and we look forward to seeing what their level of expertise and creativity will add to the Championship,” commented Electric GT CEO and Founder Mark Gemmell.

“We aim to bring the latest technological developments and innovations not only to the racetrack but to people’s homes through the way that they will view and experience the races, Mediapro will be key in providing that link between us and the fans who can not wait to see and feel how exciting this new racing series will be.

“Mediapro means a guarantee that the TV coverage of EPCS will go all around the globe reaching a worldwide audience, and is also guarantees professional quality.

“For the online audience, we will also be broadcasting content on social media on different and powerful platforms so that everybody can access our spectacular on track and off track content.”

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