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Extreme E Base Car Revealed at Goodwood

Extreme E launches Spark-built base SUV for Extreme E at Goodwood…

Photo: Extreme E

Extreme E took the covers off its electric SUV that will form the basis of its new radical off-road racing series at Goodwood Festival of Speed on Friday.

The base car, named Odyssey 21 and built by Spark Racing Technology, will be the basis from which Extreme E’s teams will develop their own packages to compete in some of the world’s harshest climates.

The championship, initially uncovered by e-racing365 in August, was officially launched onboard the RMS St. Helena in January, with the ship set to serve as its ‘floating paddock’.

“The Extreme E SUV Odyssey 21 is unlike anything else in motorsport,” said Formula E’s founder and CEO Alejandro Agag.

“The cutting-edge technology our industry-leading partners have employed in its design and construction has resulted in a stunning car, capable of the highest performance in the toughest and most varied environments on the planet.

“Extreme E’s combination of top-level sporting competition and ultra-demanding environments will also prove to be a significant research and development platform for manufacturers, driving further advancements in sustainable mobility.”

Odyssey 21 includes a common package of standardized parts manufacturers by Spark and a battery produced by Williams Advanced Engineering.

This includes a niobium-reinforced steel alloy tubular frame, and a crash structure and roll cage, while tires for both winter and summer conditions will be supplied by founding partner Continental.

It has a peak output of 400 kW (550 hp) capable of propelling the 1650 kg car from 0-62 mph in 4.5 seconds at gradients of up to 130 percent.

In Season One, scheduled for 2021, teams will be able to test and develop their own powertrain and select areas of bodywork such as the engine cover, front and rear bumpers, side skirt and lights, allowing for aspects of road-relevance for different manufacturers.

“Our challenge was to build a car that could face all the variations in surface and terrain that will be thrown its way, which will include gravel, rock, mud, ice, snow, water and sand, too,” explained Spark’s technical director Theopile Gouzin.

“Straight out-of-the-box in Season One, the Odyssey 21 and its performance is going to be very impressive, exceeding the power and torque of World Rally Championship and rally raid cars. The numbers are mind-blowing, really.”

Gouzin explained that the large wheels, measuring 940 mm (37 in), are of a size never used in anything other than two-wheel-drive racing cars before, giving increased traction and better suspension travel.

Odyssey 21 will complete demonstration runs up the Goodwood hillclimb circuit later today.

Photo: Extreme E

Photo: Extreme E

Jake Kilshaw is a UK-based journalist who is e-racing365's Managing Editor and also European Editor for Sportscar365. He is a student of Politics and International Relations at the University of Birmingham. Contact Jake

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