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Techeetah Announces New Primary Sponsor

Techeetah forms partnership with blockchain platform provider Dragon Inc…

Photo: Techeetah

Recognizing the marketing opportunities of the world’s fastest growing sport and seeing the growth potential of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship, Dragon Inc. has entered into a partnership with Techeetah.

Dragon Inc. is a blockchain platform provider, and is involved in utility entertainment token provision for the entertainment industry.

In its quest to partner with new and innovative companies, Techeetah is the first Formula E team to join forces with a blockchain provider.

“Dragon Inc. is pioneering a new era of blockchain and entertainment while Formula E is leading the electric revolution across motorsports, it is only natural that both come together for a ground-breaking collaboration,” said Paul Moynan, Dragon Inc. Co-Founder.

“Both Dragon and Techeetah are applying technologies that are reinventing their respective industries.

“We seek to support one another not only in the sharing of technology but by bringing a greater awareness of the benefits to the world stage.

“Being a former Royal Marine Commando, I’m taught to lead by example and set our standards high to pave the way for others to follow; the combination of Formula E and Dragon’s blockchain solutions is doing just that.

“This will be an amazing year for both our teams and by working together we can build something bigger than ourselves.”

Investors are able to purchase Dragon tokens, which are used to access the VIP entertainment industry. Dragon’s blockchain technology and market dominance means that the value of the token has the potential for continual growth.

“I am delighted to announce the partnership between Dragon Inc. and Techeetah, two enterprises with a mission in common: revolutionize the entertainment industry by applying world leading technology,” added Chris Ahmad, Dragon Inc. Co-Founder and CEO.

“Dragon Inc. focus is to dramatically disrupt the whole entertainment business. Likewise, Formula E is an established leader in racing leagues using the power of electric cars.

“We both have worked very hard to achieve our full business potential. Exciting times are ahead as we continue to support each other and work towards a future of fair play, technology and progress.

“Our task is to make the revolution possible. Our mission is to make it available to the world.”

The Dragon Inc. logo will be prominently displayed on the side pods of the four Techeetah race cars, garage, race wear and drivers’ helmets.

“We are very pleased to welcome Dragon Inc. to the team,” commented Keith Smout, Techeetah Chief Commercial Officer.

“We are constantly striving to bring new and exciting partners on board and with Dragon now joining us we feel that we have accomplished this.

“We look forward to helping build their brand and share our aligned technologies as we push for the Formula E Championship.”

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  1. Old Trombone

    March 16, 2018 at 10:19 am

    Obviously, your Byzantine fault tolerance is just fine, but bitcoin by any other name is still bitcoin, and Wozniak himself couldn’t stay uncheated…

    Also, isn’t this the same problem as having Mustang Sampling on a Corvette or Caddy? Why couldn’t Dragon sponsor Dragon?

  2. Mord

    March 18, 2018 at 5:11 pm

    Dafuq is “utility entertainment token provision”?

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