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ROSENQVIST: Punta del Este Debrief

Felix Rosenqvist on his Punta del Este weekend and retaining second in the standings…

Photo: Formula E

A bit like Santiago last month, we were able to score some useful points when overall we had quite a tough weekend for various reasons in Uruguay.

First of all, what a great place to have a race!

Punta del Este was a brilliant venue and as it was my first time there I really loved the fact it was close to the sea and in such a beautiful country.

I think our start setup at Mahindra Racing wasn’t as ideal as it is used to being in practice, so we had to work quite a lot with changing things which we normally don’t do during the day.

In FP2 we found a good solution but I made a mistake on my 200 kW lap – but the pace seemed promising.

During the qualifying session I hit the inside wall of the second chicane (Turn 5) and bent my wheel rim and the steering slightly, which then caused me to understeer into the wall in Turn 9 as well. So that was the major setback of the weekend.

Still, I didn’t finish last with the lap and I started 12th which was a little bit of a consolation really heading in to the race because 12th is a position you can at least race from.

My start was very poor as it was on the left, and it seemed whoever was on the pre-grid place before me decided not to do a burnout, so there was no grip!

I went from P12 to P15 on the first lap and then eventually started to work my way up the field as there was quite a lot of chaos and I managed to slip through to eighth without having to spend too much energy before the pit stops.

The pit-stop went really smooth, and I gained one position there, then in the second stint I came out just in front of Mitch [Evans] and we ran with each other for a long time until I started getting issues with my energy calculation/targets.

Basically the beacon received broke due to the heavy kerb hits we have on this track, and my car didn’t pick up the signal.

This meant that I couldn’t see how much energy I had spent on the previous lap, neither could I know what I had to do on the next lap so it was all really confusing.

I dropped off a lot as the car indicated I had to go slower as it lost track of what lap we were on. My engineer tried to guide me just on the SoC percentage (State of Charge) they could see as they also lost all information.

So, it was quite tricky to decide how quick to go, but in the end I had a lot of energy left, and managed to catch the pack again, and overtake Alex Lynn and almost get Mitch Evans before the checkered flag.

It was nice to get points again after Mexico, but I’m disappointed at the same time as I think we could have got a podium again.

The fact I also hit the wall in qualifying was something that I wasn’t very proud of, but it happens I guess, especially in Formula E.

But, we are still second in the championship, and we are as quick as we were at the beginning of the year.

We just need to sort some basics out and then we should be fine as we head for the European leg of the championship with a new race in Rome.

I look forward to telling you all about it here on e-racing365.

A two-time Macau GP winner, Felix Rosenqvist drives for Mahindra Racing in the FIA Formula E Championship.

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