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ROSENQVIST: Mexico City Debrief

Felix Rosenqvist files his column from the Mexico City E-Prix…

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It’s always easy to say could have, should have, would have, but I think the Mexico City E-Prix last Saturday was one of the better races I’ve done.

At the point when I first stopped on track while in the lead, I felt really hooked up with everything, the energy targets, the car, handling, everything. There were no worries really and then all of a sudden it is all gone.

It was like an off switch. I had nothing, stopped and then had to do a power cycle. Then the problem appeared again and I decided to box.

Honestly, I don’t want to blame anyone but I think the team is having a headache. Normally when we have a problem we know what it is but now it seems really strange.

Anyway, the only worry is short term, to figure it out before Punta, to know if we need to change the battery or if we need to change whatever else.

It’s a nightmare situation, especially when you’re doing well and in control.

The Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez is a very different track. Actually, this is a track which I don’t really like because when you push too much here, whatever it is oversteer or understeer, it just gets so exaggerated because of the grip.

It’s like a sandpaper kind of surface. You have grip and then suddenly you’re just skating across it.

So, my approach last weekend was just to learn from last year, because I’m quite an aggressive driver, especially on braking, you always see me ‘ragging it’.

I just tried to keep myself calm, go early on the brakes and really carry the speed and be on top of the car, and it really worked, so I’m supper happy to make that step from last year.

Practice was good apart from a water pump issue in one of the sessions. This came back to haunt us as a team later because the same failure happened to Nick and ended his race.

Qualifying and Super Pole could not have gone better and it felt nice to get my third pole of the season.

Last year we were also strong here, but last weekend we were hot in qualifying and I started from pole, I was not expecting that.

Every time we have clear air, we’re super quick, so I knew that if I got a good start I’d be strong, but it wasn’t to be this time.

I can travel from here with the smile on my face cause probably for the first time in my career I did a 100 percent job here in Mexico, I didn’t put a wheel wrong.

As a driver, you feel good when you know that is the case.

Also, the points damage could have been worse. Looking at the table it’s like nothing happened as there was just a nine pint swing for JEV.

Before Mexico I did my first proper Japanese Super GT test last week and it’s just insane how much you learn.

I think I did 12 different compounds and tire constructions in one day.

You go out, you come in with new boots on and you just have to be really switched on and understand how the tire works.

I think that’s something you miss in Formula E – raw mileage. I did 130 laps in one day with new tires all the time. And that’s why I’m doing it in the end.

That’s also why I was more interested in doing [Super] GT than [Super] Formula, because the skills you need in Formula E, I think you need more in GTs rather than in Super Formula, which is basically flat out. I think it was a good call to go there.

Next up is Punta del Este, a track I will be visiting for the first time. I’ve heard great things about it, so I can’t wait to get there and try and get the championship lead back for the Mahindra team and myself.

Catch up after Punta!

A two-time Macau GP winner, Felix Rosenqvist drives for Mahindra Racing in the FIA Formula E Championship.

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