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LOTTERER: Berlin Debrief

Andre Lotterer writes about his energetic race from the back of the grid in Berlin…

Photo: Formula E

Well, that was a fun race in Berlin, and to achieve the result after all that happened throughout the day and with the penalty from Paris that we had to serve was great.

Arriving at Tempelhof we knew that we would probably have a low grid position. But, we adapted, prepared and I have to say a massive thanks to the team for a mega weekend.

Racing at home is great and the event was really something extra.

It the first time I raced at Tempelhof and it was pretty unique. I think it works well as a Formula E venue and it was definitely a first writing autographs in the actual check in booths.

The crowd was amazing, and it was really cool to hear them cheer us on as we drove past the grandstands.

We aimed to drive through the pack to hit the points but knowing that we were starting from the back and had to serve our ten-second penalty we knew that we had to really go for it to make it – and we did!

But that’s the attitude in the team as well, we go for it and it’s not over until it’s over no matter the challenge ahead.

Knowing that I was going to have this penalty from Paris, we simulated various race scenarios that included the ten-second penalty in the sim to prepare me in the best way.

That was important, and the engineers really did an amazing job on the strategy, so hats off to them.

Preparation is key in racing and we came to Berlin looking good despite knowing we could get in to this situation where would have either a timed penalty or a grid drop.

We said “OK, let’s try to save as much as possible in the beginning, and you will get them one by one” and that is exactly what we did.

The start was OK but I had to be patient and knew that with overtaking relatively simple here that we could make some progress.

In the first phase I managed to take Prost, Filippi, Lynn, Sarrazin, Felix da Costa and Piquet before the pit stop.

Once the stop was done I was able to re-pass Filippi, Felix da Costa, Prost and Lynn again as I had already overtaken them in the first stint.

Then in the last few laps it all came to me and I managed to pick off Rosenqvist, Dillmann, Piquet and Heidfeld. It was pretty good to be able to do that, very satisfying and it’s always fun to really race.

I’m really happy for the whole team after Berlin because we did the very maximum and with JEV getting that podium it looks very positive for him in the title fight.

It was a good experience to come back from last and to learn to race in those kinds of situations as this is something that I haven’t done before.

It probably was the right track to have this problem as well in the sense there was a bit more room for us to maneuver.

On other tracks like Hong Kong, Santiago or Paris it would have been less likely.

It was nice to celebrate with the team a bit afterwards but of course really you want to be at the sharp end. However, sometimes things are taken out of your hands so you have to make the best of the circumstances you are given.

Now we head to Zurich for the first race in Switzerland in over 60 years.

It is an important race in many aspects so I am really looking forward to it because as we have shown before when there is a new track we can be a potent force.

Photo: Techeetah

A three-time 24 Hours of Le Mans winner and 2012 FIA World Endurance Champion, Andre Lotterer drives for TECHEETAH Formula E in the ABB FIA Formula E Championship.

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