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GILL: Season Reflections and Looking Forward

Mahindra team principal Dilbagh Gill recalls the final weekend of the season in New York City…

Mahindra Racing/Spacesuit Media

New York City last weekend was the end of a very long and hard season for Mahindra Racing.

If you look at the statistics it looks OK with a victory, some podiums and several races where we should have added to our winning record.

However, I have to be honest and say that it was our most difficult season and we have to face the realization that it fell way below our hopes and aspirations.

We fell from the top of the pile at the start of the season to sixth in the overall standings and quite frankly that hurts… a lot.

We scored the majority of our points in the first four races and we were leading the teams’ standings.

At that stage, we were on the up and aiming high but this championship is so damn tough that if you lose a little momentum then you are in big trouble.

Photo: Mahindra Racing/Spacesuit Media

Yes, there were races that we were unlucky in for various reasons like at Mexico City and Hong Kong, but the facts are that we underperformed in the second half of the season and the points table tells its own story.

New York City last weekend was really challenging and we came away with just eight points with Pascal [Wehrlein] seventh and Jerome [d’Ambrosio] ninth after Saturday’s encounter.

Sunday was difficult and for various reasons, we fell short and out of the reckoning.

Looking back on the season now, it is satisfying to recall that win in Marrakesh with Jerome and also the way in which Pascal announced himself to the world of Formula E with his efforts in Santiago and Mexico City.

The team we have is ultra-dedicated and up for the fight. Our tenacious spirit is legendary in Formula E and I can assure you that although you see me with my beating heart pose regularly on TV, this is mirrored by all the team members at Mahindra. We have a shared and unbreakable spirit.

Generally, Formula E rose to a remarkable level in 2018-19. There were new territories explored, a new team in HWA Racelab and several incredible new talents on show like Pascal and also Oliver Rowland over at Nissan.

Photo: Mahindra Racing/Spacesuit Media

Additionally, the awareness of what Formula E is doing is going up several levels in all departments and for those that have been involved since the very start, it is a constant source of pride.

The way that Formula E is now attracting the attention of huge audiences is so pleasing through the messages of sustainability and cool electrical engineering in city center racing locations in five different continents.

Overall, the Mahindra Racing team was disappointed with the second half of the season of course, but we have to pick ourselves up and have a clear objective of fighting back for Season Six.

We will be out testing, looking for a new bigger and better headquarters and recruiting for our next campaign. We will not cease to push on because the task at hand is huge and we are up against some incredibly tough competition.

But what I can tell the readers of e-racing365 is that the plans look very exciting for the future and we will be making some very interesting and long-term announcements between now and the start of the season in Saudi Arabia in a few months time.

Until that time it is just left to say a huge thanks to the team for their efforts and also to acknowledge all our fans around the world.

Without them, we would be a lesser team, so their enthusiasm and passion is appreciated and once again will be as we get set to go again for Season Six.

Photo: Mahindra Racing/Spacesuit Media

Dilbagh Gill is the CEO and team principal of Mahindra Racing, which competes in the ABB FIA Formula E Championship.

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1 Comment

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    July 20, 2019 at 8:13 am

    Brilliant man who embodies Mahindra and racing

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