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Formula E, Virtually Live to Launch Ghost Racing Game

Formula E, Virtually launch ghost racing game for ABB FIA Formula E Championship…

The ABB FIA Formula E Championship has partnered with Virtually Live to create a world’s first in esports, providing the opportunity for fans to race against the Formula E drivers in real-time using a ground-breaking live ghost racing app across multiple platforms starting with mobile and PC – with full virtual reality becoming an addition in the future.

The innovative ghost racing game utilises cutting-edge telemetry and Virtually Live’s proprietary technology platform, allowing a race to be replicated using computer-generated imagery in real-time.

The action precisely mirrors the positioning and order out on track, while also allowing fans the chance to clip and share their experiences, achievements and near-misses on social media.

Fans and gamers can also post their best qualifying time and compete after the race has finished, reproducing scenarios and challenges that occurred during previous events.

Whether it’s fighting through from the back of the pack or conserving energy and defending against an opponent over a set number of laps – the interactive new game will put fans in the driving seat and enable them to take part in real moments of each race and pitting their skills against friends and rivals.

Users are also able to follow the race live in CGI, becoming the director of their own viewing experience and selecting from multiple trackside and onboard cameras.

“I remember before we launched the first-ever season of Formula E, we said fans no longer just want to watch or follow a sport – they want to participate in it too,” said Formula E founder and CEO Alejandro Agag.

“The cutting-edge technology used to create the live ghost racing game is extraordinary.

“Thanks to the expertise of Virtually Live, the ABB FIA Formula E Championship has yet again shown it’s at the forefront of developing accessible and inclusive content at the fans fingertips.

“This is another milestone in the arena of esports with Formula E leading the charge.”

Virtually Live CEO Markus Tellenbach added: “Having partnered with the ABB FIA Formula E Championship since season two, providing CGI content of races to the world feed and to fans on the VR App Stores – we’re delighted to have signed a strategic long-term partnership with Formula E to provide the world’s first live ghost racing app.

“Combining the worlds of exciting street racing and gaming, with our innovative immersive technology, Virtually Live and Formula E are defining a new era in esports and engaging and building the fan base.

“The ghost racing app will allow fans to consume Formula E throughout the year on multiple platforms and share their experiences on social media.

“We therefore look forward to seeing fans of all abilities – whether a casual gamer on their mobile to an ambitious driver in VR – pitting their skills against the Formula E drivers and their friends.”

More details will be revealed closer to the launch date and the app will be available to download for free on mobile, tablet and PC.

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