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Formula E Paddock Visits Pope Francis Ahead of Rome E-Prix

Formula E paddock visits Pope Francis in Vatican City before Rome E-Prix…

Photo: Vatican Media

Members of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship paddock visited His Holiness Pope Francis on Wednesday, ahead of this weekend’s inaugural Rome E-Prix.

A selection of Formula E drivers and team representatives as well as series Founder and CEO Alejandro Agag and ACI President Angelo Sticchi Damiani were given a private Apostolic Blessing before attending the papal audience.

The official championship car was also brought to Vatican City, with over half of the grid in attendance.

Lucas di Grassi and Maro Engel were among the drivers to share photos of the event on social media.

Formula E will race in Rome for the first time this weekend on the Circuito Cittadino dell’EUR street circuit.

Jake Kilshaw is a UK-based journalist who is e-racing365's Managing Editor and also European Editor for Sportscar365. He is a student of Politics and International Relations. Contact Jake



  1. Old Trombone

    April 11, 2018 at 11:55 am

    This organization waited until 2017 to divest itself of fossil fuel profits.

    This organization promoted Rick Santorum, who instructed the Pope to “Leave science to the scientists”

    A PRRI/AAR survey found that more than half of the believers of this organization are convinced that science is in itself “anti-religious”.

    This organization is quite willing to narcissistically laugh at its own failures and yet still call them values, thus making change absolutely impossible: “Even the Vatican Observatory, an astronomical research institution funded by the Holy See, describes the history of the infamous Galileo affair by noting, “Galileo had already written several essays on the interpretation of the bible in which he essentially said that the bible was written to teach us how to go to heaven and not how the heavens go. In these documents he essentially anticipated by about 400 years what the Catholic Church would teach about the interpretation of the bible.”

    If they had accepted Galileo’s evidence as Valid 400 years before they did, like when he actually published it, perhaps we would have avoided AGW altogether? Note that their statement on Galileo conveniently forgets his decades of house arrest and the mental torture of his daughter. Which they were 100% responsible for thinking up.

    Now let’s talk about what they did to Giordano Bruno.

    This marketing upping of the rep of this organization is completely lacking in any morality at all. AGW is here because of these people, not in spite of these people.

  2. Old Trombone

    April 11, 2018 at 12:08 pm

    Here’s what they did to Giordano Bruno, for saying science is a valid investigative technique:

    “a nail is already point-down on his tongue, and a moment later it is driven home; and even as he tries to scream, a second nail is driven upwards through his lower jaw into the palate. The blood pouring into his throat chokes him into silence. … he is hustled naked into the cart and trundled through the streets, freezing in the last dark minutes before a winter dawn. … The cart stops on the edge of the Campo del Fiore, the Field of Flowers, where a small but gleeful crowd hugs itself for warmth in front of the high-piled faggots, the premonitory torches. … Now they are binding him to the stake … With his own hand, Robert plunges the torch into the faggots at Giordano’s feet, and steps well back…”

    Because he said their book is interpretable stories of morality, not historical reportage…

  3. Old Trombone

    April 11, 2018 at 12:19 pm

    Now let’s talk about the Italian economy and why electric mobility isn’t being invested in by Italian OEM car companies.

    The organization represented by the well-dressed CEO in the picture above PAYS NO TAX. They own hotels, car dealerships, supermarkets, media organizations, etc etc, and not one of them pays any tax to the Italian people. If one of these businesses services a priest, just once per year, they qualify as ‘religious organizations’ and are exempt from tax, even though they are pure for-profit businesses.

    This means any non-C business in Italy is at a huge competitive disadvantage, because their customer-prices have to include the taxes that C-businesses don’t. Italian consumers follow the cheap prices of course, leaving the Italian Government with no tax income proportionate to their population’s needs. On top of that, indignant non-C business owners do everything they can to avoid paying the ridiculous tax rates that they get forced to carry. So the Italian Government hasn’t got the revenue to invest in Italian business culture, and Italian businesses don’t have to bottom-lines to invest heavily in the R&D required to go electric. VAG and GM are spending 100Billion+ on electric development. FCA? Doesn’t have that.

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