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Formula E Boost Mode Confirmed for Season Five

Innovative boost mode to be introduced in Formula E Season Five…

Photo: BMW

Drivers will have access to two special boost periods during races in Season Five of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship, it has been confirmed.

As first reported by e-racing365 in February, the all-electric series will see periods during the race where drivers will be able to use a boost mode.

Race formats for the 2018-19 season of Formula E were announced during the World Motorsport Council in Manila on Thursday.

These boosts are set to be confined to a specific area of the track which will act as a ‘boost zone’ whereby a high-power mode can be activated from the cockpit by the drivers.

This area of the circuit will in some way be visible on track and on TV.

The boost is set to be 25 kW, upping the available power from 200kW to 225kW for the driver. The number of activations and the duration of the use of the higher power mode will be determined at each race by the FIA, according to the individual features of the circuit.

It is expected that in addition to special TV graphics which will notify spectators and viewers when drivers deploy the extra power, a light atop the halo safety structure is planned to also relay information on when a car is in full boost mode.

The LED lights on the halo will also signify when the Fanboost is being used. This is set to again be an extra 100 kJ and will only be activated on top of one of the two new boost periods.

Although not confirmed today, initial plans are believed to center around having two boost periods for each entry from Season Five of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship and the plans come after months of discussions between teams, Formula E Holdings and the FIA.

The teams have been represented largely by Roger Griffiths, the nominated representative of the Formula E Teams Association.

Also announced at today’s WMSC was that the length of the races in Season Five will no longer be determined by the number of laps, but by a maximum time of 45 minutes plus one lap.

Sam Smith is e-racing365's Formula E Editor. A 20-year veteran in motorsports media, including press officer roles in both the FIA Sportscar Championship and at Lola Group, Smith is a well-known face in the Formula E paddock, where he served as series editor for from 2014-17. Contact Sam



  1. krisg

    June 7, 2018 at 7:31 am

    I like the idea that the length of a race will be determinate by time and not laps. The championship during broadcast should display a countdown clock to let viewers know how long to the end of the race and to put some pressure on the teams…

  2. Old Trombone

    June 7, 2018 at 9:42 am

    “Boost” schmoost chicken roost…

    This is (was) the engineers’ series !!! Give the trick-or-treat stuff back to F1 where it belongs, advertising to boys. The way this is going, why not put a set of traffic lights halfway down the main straight and get fans to vote for their most hated driver and make them stop at the traffic lights while all the popular jock drivers make “Dab” waves as they go past. Gee whiz, that’s electric racing…

  3. Chris Llana

    June 7, 2018 at 7:24 pm

    I assume the finish line is fixed. If the leader is a little past the finish line when 45 minutes is up, does he finish the lap he is on and go another full lap, or does he just finish the lap he is on? What if he is 50 meters before the finish line at 45 minutes? Go the 50 meters and get the checkered flag, or keep going another lap? Hard to plan for energy use. You could be down to 1% at 45 minutes and then need to go almost two more laps.

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