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Adamo: Hyundai Attracted to ETCR Due to Road-Relevance

Hyundai committed to ETCR due to platform’s relevance to road-going EV technology…

Photo: Hyundai

Hyundai Motorsport director Andrea Adamo says that ETCR’s relevance to road-going electric vehicles was a key factor in the South Korean automaker signing up for the new electric touring car platform.

Hyundai unveiled its Veloster N ETCR on Tuesday at the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show.

Despite its ETCR car being based on a gasoline-powered road car, Adamo expects the opportunities that ETCR presents to help Hyundai develop its road-going electric vehicles.

The manufacturer currently has two fully electric road cars in the Ioniq hatchback and Kona crossover.

“Hyundai wants to do [race] cars that are similar to their products and with some development that could be really close to road cars,” he told e-racing365.

“Other [electric] categories are much further away from the nature of our cars and that’s not what the Hyundai strategy is to promote products.”

Adamo praised the foundation of WSC Group’s ETCR platform, which was announced 18 months ago and is on track for several events in 2020 before a full-scale launch in 2021.

When asked if other electric categories such as rallycross could fit in with Hyundai’s e-mobility strategy, Adamo explained that the future of ETCR seems more stable and clear than other planned series.

“At this moment, we are fully involved in ETCR as we get a real picture of the situation, while others are not so clear and not so well promoted, in my opinion,” he said.

“When there is something clear with the proper information, maybe we can think yes, but so far I’ve heard many voices but not facts.”

While the exact size of Hyundai’s commitment to ETCR is yet to be fully determined, Adamo currently expects only to be involved in the initial global championship, which is set to get underway fully in 2021 after pilot events next year.

Series organizers are aiming to follow a similar path to the introduction of TCR a few years ago by establishing regional and national series after solidifying the global championship.

“So far, we will be involved only in the main series with a number of cars that we still have to verify,” Adamo said.

“First of all, I want to understand how the championship will be managed.

“We have to go where e-vehicle road cars are more in view, so I hope we will have a strong involvement of North American and Asian circuits.”

Jake Kilshaw is a UK-based journalist who is e-racing365's Managing Editor and also European Editor for Sportscar365. He is a student of Politics and International Relations. Contact Jake

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