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Venturi Unveils Electric Polar Exploration Vehicle

World’s first electric research vehicle, the Venturi Antarctica, unveiled in Monaco…

Photo: Venturi

Venturi has launched the world’s first electric-powered polar exploration vehicle, in a bid to pioneer zero-emissions transport in hostile environments.

The Formula E powertrain manufacturer unveiled its latest project, named the Venturi Antarctica, in a ceremony at the Prince’s Palace in Monaco on Saturday.

The caterpillar-tracked vehicle, which can carry three people plus equipment, is powered by twin 60 kWh electric motors and has a maximum range of approximately 30 miles.

It is designed to withstand the hardships of polar exploration, operating in air temperatures of around 60 degrees Fahrenheit (50 degrees Celsius).

Prince Albert II of Monaco, U.S astronaut Chris Hadfield and Venturi North America president Xavier Chevrin will co-pilot the vehicle on its first official expedition in March 2019.

This will be a 26-mile (42 km) journey through the Canadian wilderness, filling in the final uncompleted section of the unsuccessful ‘Croisiere Blanche’ cross-country mission held in 1934.

Venturi will then send its creation to Antarctica where it will assist with ongoing environmental research.

“Until now, researchers had to get around on foot in some areas, in order to avoid polluting them,” said Venturi president Gildo Pastor.

“Now, with the Venturi Antarctica, they will have access to an efficient, very maneuverable vehicle with excellent traction.

“We are proud to have developed technology that meets an essential and very specific need, at a time when environmental protection and efforts to combat climate change are critical challenges for our society.”

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