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NIO Launches ET Sedan Series; Expands Charging Infrastructure

NIO launches a new sedan series and expands its charging infrastructure…

Photo: NIO

NIO launched its all-new electric sedan series at Auto Shanghai on Tuesday along with new additions to its charging systems and infrastructure.

The ET Preview made its premiere at the Chinese automotive show, marking the manufacturer’s first step into sedan body styles.

It also showcased its existing fully electric road car models, including the flagship high-performance ES8 SUV, long-range ES6 SUV and its EP9 supercar.

A statement released by the manufacturer claims the ET Preview “represents NIO’s exploration of an all new car body, whose sleek new contours combine elegant proportions with power and beauty through a minimalistic design.”

Few additional details have been revealed about the ET Preview, but it appears to be aimed as a rival to Tesla’s Model S rather than NIO’s answer to the smaller sedan market occupied by the Model 3 and several European manufacturer’s latest concepts.

NIO also showcased its motor, ECU and battery platform which uses high-energy density NCM811 nickel-cobalt-manganese battery pack technology along with permanent magnet motors in the front and induction motors in the rear, which can combine to achieve a range of up to 316 miles.

In addition, it debuted the NIO Power Charger, which it claims to “provide users with an efficient charging experience” through integration with home charging piles, power stations and mobile charging vehicles.

It extended its One Click for Power charging system to users of other EVs who can use the charing service through the NIO Charging mini app within Chinese social media platform WeChat.

This service will be available to consumers at a charge of 280 yuan ($41.85).

While details of its expanded charging systems remain vague, NIO has already launched several services, including fully automated battery swaps that can be completed in less than three minutes, and mobile charging valets.

“After just over four years of development, NIO has grown into a tech company that is constantly perfecting itself and increasing systemic efficiency, while striving to provide high-quality service to users,” said William Li, Founder, Chairman and CEO of NIO.

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