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Ford to Focus on “Effortless” EV Charging Experience

Ford aiming to streamline EV ownership experience with new charging system…

Photo: Ford

Ford has set out to streamline the electric vehicle ownership experience with its new lineup of EVs as part of a program to have North America’s “freshest” vehicle lineup by 2020.

Its strategy includes plans to rethink the relationship between electric vehicles and their owners, with a view to make charging easier amongst other innovations.

A statement released by Ford announces the manufacturer’s intentions to make EV ownership “more seamless than with today’s gas-powered vehicles.”

In addition to a simplified charging system, Ford will also offer full-vehicle over-the-air software updates to its cars.

“Throwing a charger in the trunk of a vehicle and sending customers on their way isn’t enough to help promote the viability of electric vehicles,” said Sherif Marakby, Vice President, Autonomous and Electric Vehicles.

“In addition to expanding our electric vehicle lineup, we are redesigning the ownership experience to ensure it addresses customer pain points that currently hold back broad adoption today.”

Ford also targets a 50 percent reduction in manufacturing floor space for final assembly and to halve capital investment, while reaching a 30 percent improvement in labor efficiency.

This would allow Ford to redeploy employees to other tasks, including the assembly of battery packs.

The brand’s new performance battery electric utility will arrive in 2020, as the first of six models coming by 2022 through the company’s $11 billion investment in global EVs.

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