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Dyson Likely to Expand Planned EV Model Range

Dyson expands electric car plans to include up to three models in coming years…

Photo: Autocar

British technology company Dyson, famed for its vacuum cleaners, is hoping to expand upon initial plans to introduce an electric car to produce more EV models in the near future.

James Dyson, the company’s founder and chairman, announced plans last year to switch his attention to an electric road car design.

The company’s strategy now appears to encompass a wider lineup which will include two more cars that could enter the marketplace.

The Financial Times reported this week that an estimated $2.8 billion project to introduce more Dyson models to the automotive market is being planned.

The UK-based firm’s plans have attracted the support of the British government which could provide some of the funding for the project.

Dyson is understood to be making quick advancements in lightweight materials including carbon fiber and stereolithographic printed parts in addition to solid-state battery engineering for the cars.

Solid-state battery pack powered cars are likely to follow Dyson’s lithium-ion-derived first model which is due in 2020/21 and is set to be a high-end, low-volume design.

With a larger energy density and faster charging than liquid cells, solid-state battery packs have the capacity to be easier to cool and more powerful as a result.

Toyota is currently the sole manufacturer with plans to use the technology in the next ten years, while Porsche, which is currently forming its own ABB FIA Formula E Championship team for a 2019 debut, has previously indicated that it plans to produce solid-state powered cars.

BMW recently partnered with the U.S.-based solid-state battery company Solid Power, as it evaluates the technology.

UK automotive magazine Autocar issued a predication of what the first Dyson car could look like last October (pictured above).

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